50 gift ideas for your eco-holidays!

First off, here are a couple eco-holidays tips n' tricks! 


Now! On to the list!


Experiences are great gifts! You get to join in on the fun, there's less material waste, and will most likely create fond memories!

1. Museum passes/ memberships

2. Movie tickets

Local movie theatres always have cool stuff! check them out :

3. Plan the itinerary for a staycation

Find cool stuff to discover in your city! Stay at a fun hotel and eat out at places you've never tried before!

4. Rent a cottage 

Click Here

Image result for gatineau park cottages

5. Nordik spa passes

A spa in Chelsea that is good for the body and good for the planet! Read more about their green initiative on their website.

Click Here

Image result for nordik spa winter

6. Escape room passes

Click Here

7. Forest Skating tickets

Click Here

Image result for forest skating lac-des-loups quebec


8. Local play/ concert tickets

Encourage local artists like Mia Kelly, Van Hoan Le, A Leverage for Mountains, Okies and treat yourself to a great show!

9. Ceramic painting!

Try painting each other an item! You get a useful, personalized plate, bowl, mug, etc. out of the fun experience!

Click Here

10. Any one of Abraska Laflèche's many activities!

Click Here

11. Coffee classes

Equator coffee is a local roastery that uses fairtrade coffee beans! Check out the link below to find more about the classes they offer! 

Click Here

12. Pottery classes

Click Here

13. Cooking classes 

Vegan, basics, soups, you name it! The Ottawa Cooking School has classes for everything!

Click Here

14. Yoga classes

Click Here



15. Maple syrup & Apple cider 

Ferme et Forêt, a local ecological farm makes a delightfully large selection of amazing edible products including apple cider, maple syrup, sumac juice, etc. 

Click Here

16. Capener Creations soup mixes!

"a small veteran run business that makes artisan dried soup mixes, dessert mixes, bbq rubs and dip mixes using local and Canadian ingredients" 

They feature lots of vegan options!

Find them at one of the many markets they will be attending before Christmas : 

Click Here

Image result for capener creations

17. Vegan cookbook

Tara's Wiebe's beautiful and delicious recipes are all compiled in her book "Plants to Table" exclusively available on Moss! 

Click Here

18. Re-usable tea strainer

Choose from many cool & adorable options at the Tea Store!

Click Here

Image result for metal tea strainerImage result for animal tea infuser

19. Re-usable to-go cup!

For coffee : 

Click Here 

Related image

For bubbletea : @reteacups on instagram 

Click Here

reteacups. For our Retea Originals AND mini's, we offer the 2 classic colours: bl

For tea : 

Click Here

Image result for leaf life tea tumbler

20. Zero-waste kitchen stuffs 

Choose from the huge selection of zero-waste products at Kinsfolk shop! From metal straws, bamboo cutlery and beeswax wraps to reusable cloth coffee filters, tea towels and pot brushes, they have it all!

Click Here

Need some ideas for the upcoming 🎄 season?Here’s a little giftspo featuring a ton of Canadian brands, including @lekkolifegoods @houseofjude @cheeksahoyhandmade @urbandbody @sittisoap @keepwellkept  @ten_and_co @rollingsdesignCheck out the shop for more ideas and inspiration! Free shipping on orders of $100+ within Canada.Local to Burlington, Ontario? Send me a DM to arrange for local pick up or drop off!#kinsfolkshop #giftinspo #giftspo #christmasseason #smallshopcanada #shoplocalcanada

21. Local honey

Apiverte is a local apiculture business dedicated to saving the bees and reinventing the beekeeping process to make it easier. 

Click Here

22. Soda Stream

Do you have a friend that absolutely loves carbonated drinks and constantly buys cans of LaCroix or bottles of Perrier? Get them a gift to make their own and bypass all the waste! 

Click Here

23. Vivaliment gift card

Give the gift of some delicious vegan food from Vivaliment! 

Click Here

24. Coffee

Get someone some fair-trade coffee beans or a gift card from Equator Coffee! 

Click Here

25. Chocolate 

Cocoa Camino makes loads of varieties of fair-trade chocolate ; a delicious gift!

Click Here

Ludwig Chocolates also has lots of unique yummy chocolate from wild cocoa plants! 

Click Here

26. Veggie box subscription!

Get someone a subscription to a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh veggies from Our Little Farm! Something to look forward to for the summertime!

Click Here

27. Delicious food from La Joue Verte


Local, seasonal, vegetarian & gluten free, La Joue Verte has amazing options for every palate

Click Here


28. Moss shirt!

Click Here

29. Plants!

Plants or succulents from any local store are great but Terra Velta put her plants in very unique and fun pots like vintages,  animal toys and lots of other original recipients.

Click Here

Medium Animal Planters

30. Artisanal soap

Try out Saaboon's handmade ( in Ottawa! ) vegan soap!

Click Here 

Image result for saaboon

31. Pela Case

Get a biodegradable phonecase decorated with beautiful designs from Pela! They also donate a percentage of every sale to different charities ( like Moss!)

Click Here

Image result for pela caseImage result for pela case

32. Moss tote bag

A giftwrap for another gift but a gift on it's own as well! 

Click Here

33. Bath Bombs

Zoe's corner makes a whole array of handmade bathroom products including these gorgeous and yummy bath bombs! You can find them online on Etsy : 

Click Here

or at the Maker House ( home to lots of amazing local and handmade products)  in Hintonburg :

Click Here


Bath Bomb  Lavender Flowers  Handmade  Natural image 0

34. Soy & Beeswax candles

The Wax Studio makes beautiful and lovely candles in lots of delightful shapes!

Click Here

Photo by @paintedturtlephoto

35. Gemsn'stones jewelry 

Available on the Moss website :

Click Here

and Etsy :

Click Here

Tiger eye pendant necklace on brown hemp macramé with half image 0

36. Plant a tree!

Have this company plant a tree in someone's honour for the holidays!

Click Here

37. Matt & Nat bag

Made from vegan leather, Matt & Nat bags are a gorgeous & stylish accessory!

Click Here

Image result for matt and nat

38. Seeds for a future garden!

Hopeful gifts for those who long for spring and are excited to garden! A fun trick to do with seeds is to put them in "mystery bags" with instructions on how to plant & water them but no mention of what they will grow into!

39. "Adopt" an endangered species!

WWF has a long list for you to choose the perfect endangered animal to help protect on someone's behalf! They will receive a plushie of that species as well as knowing wildlife was helped in their name!

Click Here

40. The Sketchbook Project

Give someone the gift of having their art featured in an international library! The Sketchbook Project is based in brooklyn and features a crowd-sourced library filled with every kind of art! Buy them a sketchbook and get them to start creating! 

Click Here

Image result for sketchbook project

41. Dried plants & flowers

Low-to-no maintenance dried flowers, eucalyptus ( tip : hang it in your shower! ) and other beautiful plants are available at the Stalk Market!

Click Here

Image result for stalk market ottawa

42. Eco-cleaning services!

Give the gift of hassle-free cleanliness with the peace of mind that only green products were used! 

Click Here

43. Book about plastic-free living

"This practical handy guide will teach you how to eliminate plastic from your everyday life and reduce your impact on the Earth."

Click Here

Life Without Plastic: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy


44. Recipe in a jar

Choose from many recipes online to gift to your friends in reusable jars! Cute and yummy!

ideas :

Click Here

Click Here

Image result for recipe in a jar


45. Make infused oils

Cork some homemade infused oils in cool and unique glass jars that you can find at second hand stores!

Click Here

Image result for infused oils



46. Essential oil rice bag heating pads

They smell good and help you stay warm & soothe aches and pains! 

Click Here

47. Flavoured vodka

Personalize the most versatile alcohol to someone's specific preferences! 

Click Here

Image result for infused vodka

48. Stovetop pot-pourri

Help make someone's home smell like heaven by gifting a homemade pot-pourri kit for them to boil!

Click Here

Click Here

Image result for stovetop potpourri

49. Lipbalm

Easy to follow instructions to make homemade lipbalm right here : 

Click Here

DIY Lip Balm @themerrythought

50. Personalized board game!

Old cardboard, paint, markers ; easy to find materials that can be turned into a unique board game!

- Memory card game

Click Here

- Guess who game

Click Here

- Monopoly

Click Here

Image result for personalized board game diy


That's all for this years' eco-holidays gift list! We hope you enjoyed it and found inspiration to make your holidays even more heartwarming! 



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